Your assignment this week is to write as much as you can about the point of view you are taking and about the publication or organization for or about which you will be creating content. So, do some research. Your finished piece should tell us much about your audience. Use the questions in Chapter 5 of the textbook to inform your work. Include somewhere in your submission the style guide you will adhere to when creating online content, such as Associated Press, Chicago, MLA, Wired, etc. If you will be developing your own style guide, state that.

Web Site:

About the site: “Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable’s 20 million monthly unique visitors and 6 million social media followers have become one of the most engaged online news communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.”

Audience Profile 

    • A25-52
    • HHI $25k+
    • at least an associates degree
    • worldwide
    • 80% Caucasian, 10% Asian, 10% other

While most stories on Mashable are written about news and events in the United States, its audience is not geographically limited. As a web-only service, readers from all over the world can read online content as they like.

Mashable readers are typically younger and devourers of digital content. They are likely to have a presence on at least one social network, and access the internet from tablets, computers, and smart phones. Many are tech-geeks and have an interest in online content and digital fads. Readers enjoy multimedia, infographics, and valuable topical information on all things digital.

Readers enjoy quick, informative pieces on a variety of topics. They like to be in the loop on current internet trends and viral videos. They also enjoy gadget and app reviews for smartphones and tablets. These users may not have disposable income, but they are always on the lookout for technology enhancements and will keep them in mind when income is available.

Mashable readers are often interested in current events in science and technology, but want more in-depth information than typical news reports give. Mashable manages multiple social media accounts to help keep its readers informed, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Readers are unlikely to follow Mashable on all platforms as most postings are similar across each.

Entrepreneurs and young adults with aspirations of working at or owning a start-up company are also avid readers of Mashable. The site provides valuable business information in layman’s terms, and regularly interviews industry bigwigs. Mashable also covers tech conferences, major product announcements, social media news, US government news, and the business side of start-ups.

Purpose of Website: Mashable is intended as a one-stop shop for many readers to obtain specific news stories–usually digital. Mashable’s readers go to the site for a variety of reasons, but typically with a specific purpose. Readers spend an average of 10-15 minutes on Mashable at a time, clicking from one story to the next.

Topical menus are available at the top of the site for Social Media, Tech, Business, Lifestyle, Watercooler, Entertainment, US & World, My Stories, and Video. These menus are divided into submenus for platforms, networks, geographies, and media type.

Content “Musts”: Readers expect to get up-to-date information from Mashable. The company has worked hard over the last seven years to build an authoritative editorial staff and content writers. Content must be:

    • timely
    • authoritative
    • relevant
    • focused

Competition: There are few direct competitors to Mashable, given its position as an authority on various topics online. Gizmodo, Engadget, and TechCrunch are competitors in certain topics, as is Wired.

Publication: Mashable is updated daily. There are editorial teams that constantly run social media and content. Readers have the option to subscribe to top stories in an email digest. Stories are re-used on social media. It is not uncommon to see the same post several times within a week, depending on the timeliness of the story and other news happening.

Informational Challenges: All content on Mashable must be meaningful, relevant, and timely. There must be a good headline to get readers to the site from social media. Headlines are also important to get clicks from users who are already on the site looking for something specific. It is important that content be properly categorized into respective menus and submenus for easy navigation.

Style: Seeing as this is entirely digital content, I will be adhering to The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.