Part 3 of this week’s assignment: Rewrite the headline from my short story.

Original Headline: Once Upon a Memory
New Headline: Growing up: One story of a girl’s childhood shaping her future


Lastly, part 4 of this week’s assignment. Write three different headlines for the following story fragment.

      • Make the first headline eight words and the second exactly six words. For the third headline, provide both a headline and a subhead, a headline of about six words and a subhead of about eight words. Separate the head and the subhead with a colon. (An example: “Dodgers Edge Braves in Second Game: Spahn’s 3-hitter wasted as Atlanta bats remain silent.”)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – New York Yankee closer Mariano Rivera is not ready to hang up his spikes for good.

“I am coming back,” Rivera said Friday afternoon in the New York Yankees‘ clubhouse.

“Put it down. Write it down in big letters. I’m not going down like this. God willing and given the strength, I’m coming back.”

Rivera’s announcement was the second surprise he has delivered over the past two days, the first being his stumble and crumble to the turf while shagging flies before Thursday night’s Yankees-Royals game, a mishap that resulted in a season-ending knee injury.

But this surprise was of the happier variety, and Rivera, who was emotionally distraught speaking of the injury in the clubhouse on Thursday night, was practically giddy a day later.

Asked, half-seriously, if he planned to come back with the Yankees, Rivera said, “Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. They will want the old goat.”

GOAT, of course, is the acronym for Greatest of All Time, a title Rivera carries among his particular class of ballplayer, the closer.

And Rivera’s decision to attempt, at 42, to continue a career that already has accrued just about every accolade that can be bestowed upon a ballplayer, seemed to energize the 18-year veteran.

“Miracles happen, guys,” he said. “I’m OK. I’m a positive man. Everything is good. I feel sorry that I let down my teammates but besides that, I’m OK, and the team will be OK, too.”

Eight Words: Despite knee injury, Yankee’s Rivera plans to return

Six Words: Rivera not stopped by knee injury

Six Words head, eight words subhead: Yankees closer vows to come back, Rivera’s knee injury won’t keep him from team